EZY launches latest Neon Speaker

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One thing I like about attending tech events is being exposed to the latest gadgets. I was excited to experience the colors and  experience the sounds with EZY Asia Pacific’s latest addition to its roster of high-quality electronics, the Neon Speaker. The Neon Speaker is a total  experience. Turned off, it looks like your ordinary […]


Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker

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I need to change the speaker for my mobile phones. Back in 2010, I  chose a Harman Kardon Go+Play Portable Hi-Fi Speaker for iPod (byJBL/Harman Multimedia) because I only had an iPhone back then. My household now has various music players in their own tablets or phones. I want one that can share music. The Harman Kardon I […]


Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera , its fastest camera to date

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Who wouldn’t want a fast camera that can be shared just as fast? Presenting the new Samsung NX300 that offers unique features for any photography enthusiast. At the recent launch in Bonifacio High Street, Samsung introduced the Samsung NX 300 lifestyle ambassadors whose accomplishments resonate the camera’s dedication to speed. Iron Man 7.3 Philippine record […]