New Apple iMac to Be Released this Month?

Rumors are circulating about the possibility that Apple will release a new iMac and Mac Mini very very soon! According to Mac Rumors, there might be a March 24 media event where Apple will be releasing the new hardware. This date was based on a few anonymous reports from My Apple Guide and World of Apple, though they don’t exactly have a good track record for predicting Apple’s future plans. But according to i4U, the new iMac and Mac Mini could be unveiled as early as today! The new iMacs MB417, MB418, MB419 and MB420 will have the Mini Display Port connector and NVIDIA chipset that the new MacBook and MacBook Pro already has. The new Mini Macs will have the model numbers MB463 and MB464.

Edit: The new Mac Mini and iMac is already available at the UK Apple Store! As of this writing the Philippine Apple store is being updated, but how many of you want to bet that the new hardware will be there by the time the store is back? 😀


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