Star Wars Force Trainer Would Make an Awesome Christmas Present

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star wars force trainer

Looking for the perfect present for a Star Wars fan? I’m telling you now that this innovative toy will definitely keep a kid (or an adult with ADHD) occupied for hours. The Star Wars Force Trainer uses brain waves and your own concentration to lift the training remote up and down the tower, completely hands free! Along your journey, you’ll be guided by no one other than Yoda himself who will encourage you as you get better at using The Force. There are fifteen levels of concentration that you have to accomplish as you journey from Padawan to Jedi Master. How neat is that?!

The Star Wars Force Trainer comes with a headset designed to measure your brain wave activity, as well as sound effects and character voices. Now all you need is a lightsaber and you’re on your way to becoming a Jedi Master. Only $63.42 at


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