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Electronic Cigarettes

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to blog about this. Technically, an electronic cigarette is a consumer electronic. But unlike most gadgets out there, this one is designed for a purpose beyond entertainment. An electronic cigarette works just like a normal cigarette but instead of burning tobacco, it produces a nicotine vapor that you can inhale to fix your brain’s craving. What you do is you buy the electronic cigarettes, which come with a battery, charger, and five nicotine cartridges. Fire up the batteries, put in the cartridges, and smoke like a normal cigarette. Over time, you can reduce the level of nicotine you inhale until you end up smoking less than you normally do. e-cig.org claims that electronic cigarettes are not necessarily meant to help people quit smoking. Rather, it’s a healthier alternative to smoking because all you inhale is the nicotine minus the other toxins.

Sounds pretty good to me, except that a starter pack of e-cigarettes cost $120, while nicotine refills sell for $49! And I thought cigarettes were expensive. Maybe the e-cigarette would be a bigger hit among smokers if it were a little more affordable, except that probably won’t guarantee that what you’re inhaling is pure nicotine and nothing else.


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