Free Applications from the Ovi Store

With this application, all you Tweeples can keep track of your friends’ Twitters and update your Followers with your every move. For Nokia Series 60 mobile phones only.

Easy Wi-Fi Utilities

With Easy WiFi, you can automatically connect to WiFi hotspots without using a browser or remembering usernames and passwords.

Nokia Messaging Social Networks

With Nokia Messaging, you can send and receive mail automatically from up to 10 of your personal email accounts, each in its own easy-to-use mailbox. Nokia Messaging supports thousands of leading global and local email providers, so setup is simple. And with all the functionality you expect from a premium email service using Nokia Messaging to mobilize your favorite accounts helps you stay in touch wherever you are.

Not missing out on older phone models, here are other applications you can download for Symbian OS S60 3.0 devices such as the Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N82, and Nokia N79:

Mail for Exchange Utilities

Mail for Exchange (MfE) uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol to enable you to use the email, contacts, calendar entries, and tasks of your Microsoft Exchange Server account on your mobile phone. To use MfE you must have an account on an Exchange Server (2003 or 2007).

Nokia Magnifier Utilities

Lasik eye surgery isn’t for everybody but Nokia Magnifier is! For those who really want to see the “fine print”, it improves readability in every-day life situations. It utilizes the existing camera functionality on your phone.

We:offset News & Info

The Nokia we:offset application allows you to easily compensate the CO2 emissions caused by any flight you take. All you need are the details of your flight and you ’re ready to go. We:offset is the world’s first, mobile phone based CO2 emission offsetting tool, seeking to fund projects which absorb, reduce or avoid an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases being released elsewhere. If you really must fly, before you set off, offset.


Comeks Fun Photo Blogger Entertainment

Comeks Fun Photo Blogger is a fun comic style messaging and microblogging tool that lets you combine your photos with graphical add-on stickers and text bubbles to make funny cartoon like messages. You can share them via Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, email, Tumblr or at

FlipFont Entertainment

The joy in personalizing your mobile device usually is left to using a fun theme and wallpapers. With FlipFont, you are able to change the user interface font on your phone making it more appealing and fun to use. FlipFont comes with 3 trial fonts. Browse the fonts currently installed on your phone through the FlipFont application and switch to use a different font from the list or go online to add to the selection.

Sensible Sudoku Demo Puzzle

Now you don’t have to rely on actual game books or the newspaper to play Sudoku. The mobile version features a pleasant interface, elegant audio and engaging gameplay. Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly enjoyable experience: pencil marks, hints, undo and auto-save. It also includes millions of puzzles playable in multiple difficulty levels.

FlipSilent Utilities

When you are in a meeting or dating, and a call is coming in, you can flip over your phone to make it go into the silent profile and hang up the phone call or mute the ringer — without touching anything on the phone! You can also do the same flip-over action when the alarm goes off, by either snoozing or stopping the alarm.

Avail of these free applications now! Just log onto from your phone browser and download the applications you want.

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