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Kodak Zi8 Totally Looks Like the Flip Mino HD


The new Kodak Zi8 HD camcorder is totally not competing against the Flip Mino HD. In no way do they look the same in terms of design and usability, especially with the, easy one-button approach to taking videos. Like the Flip Mino HD, the Hi8 HD has 1080p recording, YouTube uploading support, and an SD card slot. However, it also has face tracking, image stabilization (don’t you just hate those shaky amateur videos?), a 2.5-inch LCD display, and Facebook uploading support. I think Kodak is the only competitor the Flip’s makers should be worried about because the Zi8’s features are so similar, and they’re only selling for $180 a pop (the Mino costs $299). Watch out for the Kodak Zi8 in September, in blue, black, and red.


2 thoughts on “Kodak Zi8 Totally Looks Like the Flip Mino HD

  1. Hello

    This camera is great. I think you might be mistaken on the HD quality between the Mino and the Zi8. The Flip Video Mino HD shoots in 720p while the Kodak Zi8 shoots in 1020p.

    The stabilization, face-tracking are also great bonuses with this camcorder.. and the ability to have extended memory. I hate that the camera comes with a 128MB SD card, which you’ll need to replace instantly.


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