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PlayStation 3 to have Motion Controller by Spring 2010

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Looks like the Sony PlayStation is trying to capture the Wii market with their new motion controller called the PlayStation EyeToy. According to the Sony techs, this new controller will make wielding weapons in the digital world very realistic – you’ll have to move the Eye as you would a sword, gun, even a whip. The Eye looks like it’s got a lot of potential, especially since it’s so sensitive to the smallest motions that you can write your name with it. My only problem with the PlayStation EyeToy – it looks like a plastic fairy wand with a magical glowing ball. Still, it might just convert the Wii crowd, and the PlayStation 3 might be making the best motion capture fighting games among all the consoles.

No news on price yet, but expect the motion controller to be out by Spring 2010.

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