Sony Ericsson Yari has Wii-Style Gaming

I’m loving the red detail of the Sony Ericsson Yari, but its shiny exterior is not its real selling point, nor is it the 5 megapixel camera, assisted GPS, Bluetooth, and FM Radio. What Sony Ericsson is excited about is how they imported gesture gaming technology out of Japan and meshed it together with this pretty slider phone.

Gesture technology is pretty much the same technology used in the Wii, except you’ve got a mobile phone instead of a WiiMote and a 2.5 inch screen instead of a TV. How it works: you download a Gesture technology-compatible game from the PlayNow Arena then use the accelerometer to play the game. If you’re playing a driving game you’ll have to tilt the phone to steer, if you’re boxing you’ll make smashing motions, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I can imagine it’d be hard to see what’s going on with you moving the Yari about. Not to mention that you’d probably look a little ridiculous when you play a game on the bus or train.

Available late 2009 in cranberry or black.


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