Making A Christmas Carol a Filipino Christmas Tradition

Singing Christmas Carols has been a treasured family tradition and I always look forward to hearing some songs this season.

Good news for lovers of Christmas Carols, Globe Live is staging of Menken & Ahrens’ A Christmas Carol The Musical, its second theatrical offering for 2016. The musical is a co-production partnership between Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical, fresh from American Idiot’s run, which received 10 citations from this year’s Gawad Buhay Awards.

christmas carol

A Christmas Carol is a musical written by Tony Award nominee Mike Ockrent and Tony Award winner Lynn Ahrens, with lyrics by Ahrens and music by Alan Menken. It is based on the 1843 novella by Charles Dickens, and tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter old man who brushes off the holiday season with the now-iconic phrase “Bah, humbug!”

He is visited by the ghosts of his former business partner and of Christmas past, present, and future. From them, he learns the true meaning of Christmas: giving.

“We were encouraged by the incredible success of American Idiot,” shares Executive Producer andGlobe Retail Transformation and Stores Management Head Joe Caliro. “We chose to do A Christmas Carol for our second run because Christmas in the Philippines is colorful, and we want to add our musical as a new Filipino holiday tradition.”

“The lessons that Scrooge learns in the musical is something that is already innate for Filipinos,” says Caliro. “They are warm, they are giving, they have a strong sense of family, and their holiday cheer is infectious. Some scenes are reminiscent of the noche buena tradition! This is the kind of musical that will resonate among the people here.”

Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical’s adaptation of Menken & Ahrens’ A Christmas Carol The Musical is directed by Robbie Guevara, with Onyl Torres as assistant director and Daniel Bartolome as musical director.

It will be staged at the Globe ICONIC Store, an open-space destination with a dynamic setup that can be arranged to suit any need. As an open-air auditorium, it makes theatergoing a more casual and inviting affair for everyone in Bonifacio High Street.


For a minimum single receipt purchase of P4,000 using your MasterCard in any of the participating Bonifacio High Street, or One and Two Parkade establishments, you can avail of two free tickets.

The first 350 customers who apply for a Globe myLifestyle Plan at Plan 999 and higher with a Huawei device at participating Globe stores from November 10-30 can also avail two free tickets.

MasterCard cardholders can redeem their tickets at the BGC Concierge located at C1 and C3 at the Bonifacio High Street daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00PM only. Cardholder must present the following to qualify for redemption: MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card; original charge slip from the transaction; and proof of identification.

A Christmas Carol will be shown on December 3 to 4, 9 to 11, 16 to 18, 21 and 22, 2016 at 8:00pm, andDecember 25, 2016 at 7:00pm, at Globe Iconic Store, Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tickets are available for P2,100 on


School-in-a-Bag project brings digital learning to remote communities

It’s too bad I missed the launch of Smart’s School-in-a-Bag project . I had an equally important talk with Polytechnic University of the Philippines students.

Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is one of the most important tools a person can have in life.  Let me share this meaningful advocacy that benefits school children.

school in a bag

There are a lot of students that walk or swim just to go to school. Katrina Apelada is a grade two student at the Rawang Elementary School in Tanay, Rizal. Every day, Apelada and her classmates walk through hills and forests just to go to school. Their community is so remote that it has no electricity. Like most of her schoolmates, she has not seen, much more used a television, computer, or tablet.

Last July, Apelada and her classmates had their first encounter with technology. Smart Communications went to their school and donated a learning tool package called School-in-a-Bag. This contains a solar panel for electricity, a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, a pocket WiFi with starter load, LED TV, and learning modules.

“For so long, the Philippines has been divided by geography. This makes access to information extremely hard. Smart wants to unite the islands through internet connectivity. We go to schools in mountains, on isolated islands, places where there is no electricity, to bring School-in-a-Bag,” said Darwin Flores, Smart vice-president for community partnerships.

Rawang Elemetary School is just one of 10 schools in remote areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that will receive School-in-a-Bag units from Smart this year.

Technology for learning



Maria Asuncion Tongohan, a kinder and grade one teacher, said the kids were wide-eyed and somewhat shocked when they first saw the digital tools. She herself was very excited when the School-in-a-Bag arrived. “We really don’t have electricity here so when we saw the solar panel, we realized we could use technology in teaching.”

Teachers can now connect to the internet and download educational videos using the Smart Pocket WiFi included in the package.

Classes can also use the Batibot mobile application pre-installed in the tablet. Developed by Smart in partnership with the Community of Learners Foundation and OrangeFix, this is the first learning app in Filipino that is aligned with the national kindergarten curriculum of the Department of Education. The Batibot app features fun games that help children in kindergarten up to Grade 3 learn basic concepts like matching, sorting, and grouping. Through the app, they are shown how to identify shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and letter sounds. The children can also practice tracing letters with the proper strokes.

“I am very happy because now I can answer my teacher’s questions after using the Batibot app,” Apelada said.

“In our kinder class a while ago, I did not give my usually long lecture because we watched a Batibot video about triangles, which happened to be our lesson. Just by watching videos and interacting with the tablet, the kids can learn and understand easily,” Tongohan said.

Happy teachers, happy parents

As a teaching tool, the School-in-a-Bag also contributes to the wellness of teachers. “Teachers used to lecture from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. At the end of the day, they are exhausted, their voices hoarse,” Arlene S. Catampatan, the school’s head teacher, said. “The School-in-a-Bag is their new partner in teaching. It’s not only beneficial to students but also to teachers.”

Tongohan observed that the School-in-a-Bag gave students a deeper understanding of the lessons. “We can discuss the subjects more thoroughly with them because there’s a visual component in the lecture. Instead of us just talking or drawing on the blackboard, the videos make it more interesting for them— especially for the little kids who want to see colorful visuals.”

Catampatan added, “Our students are not just interested in learning, they are also more behaved because they are attentive when they see these new gadgets.”

She also saw how appreciative the parents were when their children started learning more things in school. “The parents are very happy that there are kind-hearted people like those from Smart who donate digital learning tools to less-fortunate schools. When the kids come home they tell their moms the lessons they learned in the videos. They even sing nursery rhymes they learned for the day which, unfortunately, their moms have never heard of.”

Bringing technology to more schools

“This is part of our digital inclusion efforts. We want to enable children in the most remote areas to participate in the global knowledge economy. There’s so much to learn out there, and these technology and communication tools will help them gain access to this wealth of information,” Flores said.

Attendance at Rawang Elementary School has also improved because of School-in-a-Bag. Catampatan said, “The kids have something to look forward to every day. They are excited on what they will watch today and the following day. School-in-a-Bag is really a blessing to our community.”

Individuals and organizations can also bring the gift of digital learning to more schools in the country by sponsoring a School-in-a-Bag. Each package costs P100,000. For more information on how to donate, interested parties may send an email to [email protected]

Globe elevates the local travel experience with the Traveler SIM

My sister arrived from San Francisco during the second week of January. The first thing she told me when I greeted her was “I got a traveler SIM”. The SIM is free but she had to buy load worth 1,000 pesos. This is great news for our OFWs and balikbayans.

traveler sim from globe

Upon your arrival in the Philippines, you can get your Traveler SIM and Traveler SIM Load in PHP100, PHP300, and PHP500 denominations, exclusively available at the Globe booths located in the Arrival Area of the following airports:

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminals 1, 3 and 4
Clark International Airport
Kalibo International Airport
Mactan-Cebu International Airport
Francisco Bangoy (Davao) International A

The first thing my balikbayan sister was ” how do I subscribe for mobile data?” Mobile data is useful so one can use uber, waze and other apps dependent on the internet. Since I am a postpaid Globe user, I had no way of knowing. Balikbayans should have been given a pamphlet at the airport. I discovered TravelSurf through their website:

TravelSurf allows tourists to use mobile internet for the duration of their stay in the Philippines using their Traveler SIM. This promo is exclusively available to those who avail of the Traveler SIM. TravelSurf offers TRAVEL7 and TRAVEL 30 that are now equipped with 4G.

globe traveler sim TravelSurf offer

You can subscribe to other Globe call and text promos as you normally would while subscribed to TravelSurf.

This is a great service to our travelers. In a recent event, Globe announced that it renewed partnership with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Department of Tourism to promote the Philippines as one of Asia’s top tourist destinations via its Visit the Philippines Again (VPA) 2016 campaign.

globe partnership with DOT

It is the reason why Globe once again offers its Globe Traveler SIM to millions of tourists and returning OFWs for free. With the Globe traveler SIM, users can receive calls and texts from abroad for free and cut costs on mobile by subscribing to TravelSurf, which allows them to surf the internet on mobile for an affordable rate of US $ 11 for seven (7) days or US $23 for 30 days. Users can also call abroad for as low as US $ 0.40 per minute.

For more information on the FREE Globe Traveler SIM , just visit

Digital Business Summit starts November 18. Price at $10 on Nov 14 for 12 hours only

Enrol for the Digital Business Summit. The $10 limited offer starts on November 14 at  12PM NZDT to 12AM NZDT/ 7AM – 7PM Philippine
Time/ 10AM – 10PM Australia Time


I am a firm believer that one of the solutions to our country’s economic woes is that more of us should start a small business and be self-sustaining. With the advent of the internet, business can even start online. Entrepreneurs are an ever-growing part of the economy, and one of the best opportunities to start is through online selling on your own platform or having start-ups. More and more, as people move online and into social networking sites, it is important that entrepreneurs need to be where they are, ready to provide information, answer their queries, as well as provide support in different situations.

Learning from experts is one way to equip entrepreneurs with these social media and digital marketing skills. Check out the The Digital Business Summit that is happening on the 18th to the 27th of November .

The Digital Business Summit (DBS) is a series of online conferences for start-ups and small to medium sized business that would like to maximise online engagement by learning from digital marketing and e-commerce experts.


This is an opportunity to learn how to surge ahead of the pack and establish a coherent online presence, regardless of the size of your business or the resources at hand.

The Digital Business Summit 2014 will present different webinars focusing on different topics such as:

• Social media marketing
• Search marketing
• Mobile marketing
• E-Commerce
• Content marketing
• Online advertising

What makes DBS invaluable, is real-world information from diverse and insightful international speakers. Representatives from top digital agencies who are immersed in digital marketing and e-commerce on a daily basis across a wide number of industries will share what they know and answer your questions.

The presenters have all successfully used the web in their campaigns and projects to create value for their businesses. They’re sharing their practical knowledge and knowhows with delegates to combine strategy with real, beneficial tactics.

The cost to join the Digital Business Summit is US$100. It gives a participant access to all webinar sessions. On top of the webinars, all participants get a 3-month access to Hootsuite Pro and Hootsuite University for free.


But take note, there is a 90% discount or $10 Campaign to enroll in this summit:

1. On November 14 (Friday), we will offer a 90% off on its price to access to the Digital Business Summit 2014.

2. Price of US$10 is available only for 12 hours.

3. Duration / Hours of Campaign: 12PM NZDT to 12AM NZDT/ 7AM – 7PM Philippine
Time/ 10AM – 10PM Australia Time

Take advantage of this huge discount and a chance to enhance your digital skills and success online.

Enrol here




schedule of the digital business summit

Globe Education Solutions: mEducation, eLearning represent ‘powerful shift’ in education delivery

Have you noticed that there is now a ‘powerful shift’ in education delivery? Technology transforms our way of living, and I see it in the change of education and learning systems being delivered on a global scale. There are mobile education (mEducation), electronic learning (eLearning) and school management systems that is now happening worldwide – from progressive countries such as the United States, emerging economies in Europe to third-world countries in Asia.

The GSM Association (GSMA), the leading worldwide alliance of mobile operators and related companies, defines mEducation and eLearning as “the application of mobile devices and services, connected to mobile and other networks, in any education process, including teaching and learning, assessment and administration…” They also cover enhanced teaching and assessment plus educational administration and management via mobile technologies. It pegs mEducation to become a US$70 billion market by 2020.

VP and COO for Globe International Business Markets Gil Genio
VP and COO for Globe International Business Markets Gil Genio

Globe has been in mEducation since its participation in Text2Teach, conceptualized in 2003 by Nokia, Pearson, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Today , Globe Telecom expands its business with Globe Education Solutions for learning, eBooks and school administration. The future of learning needs to expand outside the traditional modes of learning. It makes perfect sense for a telecom company to complement its services on the future of education.

“As mobile connectivity incrementally becomes even more pervasive, it opens up new ways of teaching and learning that improves overall performance and results. Through cutting-edge learning solutions, we are in a best position to adopt relevant strategies and implement them quickly,” said Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Business and International Markets Gil Genio.

globe education solutions

“With this in mind, we are setting in motion the country’s mEducation and eLearning segments through a robust suite of Education Solutions, hinged upon our core value proposition of lifelong learning. This is by way of corresponding tools for richer learning, more effective teaching, and efficient administration. We are hopeful that these initiatives commence ‘a powerful shift in the way education is delivered’,” he added.

Genio also shared the vision of Globe to serve the market in the Philippines and even beyond as the “go-to” organization with the wide-scale launch of the initial set of its Globe Education Solutions. It also aims to establish itself as the thought leader in use of technologies to help elevate the field of Philippine education into the digital and mobile technology space while contributing to national development.

Here are three solutions:

Globe myBusiness launches its education solutions portfolio consisting of integrated learning program Brightspace from Desire2Learn, school management system Educube from Globals Inc, and eBooks from Flipside Publishing. These offers are part of Globe myBusiness’ thrust of enabling success among small and medium businesses (SMB), particularly in the education sector, providing the Philippine education system access to the latest technologies, tools, and content that will ultimately benefit students of today and in the future.

(from left) Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for International and Business Markets Gil Genio (leftmost), Globe Senior Vice President for myBusiness Martha Sazon (center), Globals CEO & President Suhas Gopinath  (Sazon’s right), Desire2Learn President & CEO John Baker  (Sazon’s left), Flipside Publishing, Inc. President & CEO Anthony de Luna and General Manager James Pacaba, with other Globe myBusiness executives and representatives.
(from left) Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for International and Business Markets Gil Genio (leftmost), Globe Senior Vice President for myBusiness Martha Sazon (center), Globals CEO & President Suhas Gopinath (Sazon’s right), Desire2Learn President & CEO John Baker (Sazon’s left), Flipside Publishing, Inc. President & CEO Anthony de Luna and General Manager James Pacaba, with other Globe myBusiness executives and representatives.

Education businesses such as schools and content publishers can benefit from these technology-based offers as the products ensure cost efficiency as well as more effective and streamlined processes aligned with global standards. These include Integrated Learning Programs which enable teachers to deliver quality instructions and create learning experiences tailor-fit to students’ individual needs and objectives, and track progress and improve learning, School Management Systems which offer easier and better control on various processes (e.g. student admission, fee billing, curriculum setting, timetabling, academic achievements, etc.) in the education institution, and eBook Solutions which provide schools with relevant and updated content, and aid local publishers and independent authors meet international standards in eBook production and retailing.


Educube is a school management system that assists administrative activities and helps monitor student performance.

      1. Reduces management and operational costs
      2. Allows real-time, peer-to-peer engagement
      3. All of the modules offered synchronizes data between the modules and existing education system
      4. Easy to use interface
      5. Changes tedious and repetitive processes in the organization
      6. Saves lots of time, money, and energy, leading to better performance of the staff and students



Brightspace™ is an integrated learning platform that seamlessly connects digital content, learning analytics, mobile and collaboration tools, adaptive learning with an ecosystem of applications, resources and services.

        • Optimizes outcomes-based, student-centered learning
        • Increases faculty productivity and efficiency
        • Helps improve performance, attainment and success rates
        • Improves student engagement and retention
        • Facilitates learning anytime, anywhere
        • Promotes pedagogical innovation




Flipside offers an E-book Solution that provides conversion, publishing, distribution, and your very own e-bookstore or e-bookshelf

Eliminates costs involved in the production of printed materials and minimizes your carbon footprint
E-bookshelf or e-bookstore is accessible for ease of access, wherever and whenever you need it
New and old books and other publications can be preserved for current and future beneficiaries
Elimination of wastage due to outdated print content


To start knowing more about the Globe Education Solutions portfolio, send an email to [email protected]