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Underwater Case for Your iPod Nano

underwater case ipod nano

It’s probably late to make Christmas gift suggestions but hopefully this will give you an idea of what to get for an iPod user who enjoys taking self-portraits. My teenage cousins had a lot of fun playing with the underwater digital cameras they got for Christmas, and I suspect anyone who loves swimming would too. But if you already have a perfectly good iPod Nano that can capture videos, why spend for an underwater camera when you can get a convenient accessory that makes your Nano waterproof? This waterproof case from H20 Audio Capture provides 100% water protection for up to 12 feet underwater. It’s got convenient controls so you can have full access to the click wheel, as well as a removable belt clip and sport armband for easy carrying. Now if only someone could make waterproof speakers.

Available for $80 at H20 Audio.

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