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This year’s #SONA2017 generated more than 337,000 Tweets.

Twitter once again captured another important moment in our history with President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) with over 337,000 Tweets generated from all over the country.

Filipinos Notable Twitter Reactions for this Year’s SONA: Over 337,000 Tweets for #SONA2017

Twitter is the place to #seeeveryside of a story happening real time. This includes the second State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Filipinos flocked to Twitter to voice out their thoughts and opinions about the two-hour long report of the President. This year’s #SONA2017 generated more than 337,000 Tweets.

sona2017 tweets
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As expected, there were mixed reactions regarding the President’s speech. Here are some of the top Tweets related to #SONA2017.

And below are the Top 10 hashtags related to #SONA2017.

From discussing about this administration’s achievements for the past year to sharing opinions of the attendees’ fashion, people went to Twitter to be part of the real-time conversation. Filipinos’ wit and sense of humor went all out on Twitter as they made funny remarks about the politicians’ sense of fashion.

A Twitter user even created his own SONA 2017 BINGO CARD to predict what possible topics that Pres. Duterte would present on his speech. Throughout the Live Television coverage, he updated his card through a Twitter thread (click the Tweet link to view the whole thread).

The country’s President is widely known for being straightforward and vocal person. With that,  a Twitter user spent time counting how many times he used invectives in his SONA and in fact, was one of the top Tweets related to #SONA2017.

Supporters of Pres. Duterte also appreciated his honesty and expressed their appreciation to him through Twitter.

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