Are Cellphones Carcinogenic? WHO Says “Possibly”

The possibility that cellphones may cause tumors or brain cancer hasn’t had people worried until recently, when the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer a surprising announcement. According to a new study, “heavy” cellphone use (30 or more minutes each day for over 10 years) can increase a person’s risk of getting glioma, a certain type of brain cancer. Although more data needs to prove the link between wireless communications and cancer, the WHO gave it a 2B rating, which means “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” I wouldn’t worry too much about these findings if I were you though. The WHO has slapped a 2B rating onto a number of things like coffee or pickled vegetables. Below is the complete press release if you want more information.

WHO Assessment Puts Cell Phone Use At “Carcinogenic”

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