Tips on Salvaging Your Electronics from Samsung


In the aftermath of the destruction left by typhoon Ondoy, some or most of our electronics and appliances may have been damaged by the flood. Here are some quick and easy tips on salvaging your electronics from Samsung’s Technical Support Team.


Clean the insides and outsides of the refrigerator with a dry cloth, and let it dry. Let the refrigerator stand for 2-3 days with the doors open before attempting to turn it on. If the timer/control was submerged in water or drained, you will need to get this repaired professionally.

Washing Machines, TV and other Brown Goods, IT Products

Do not plug your electronics; you need to have a professional inspect them for water damage and repair.

Mobile phones and portable devices

Do not attempt to switch them on; if you do this, you’ll risk short-circuiting the entire device. Have them cleaned by a professional because chances are, dust and dirt particles may have settled within the deep crevices of the electronic components.

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