Photos of Sakshat Laptop Revealed

Yesterday, I blogged about the Indian government’s plan to come out with a $20 laptop called the Sakshat in order to make educational materials more accessible to the masses. Tech bloggers had many doubts about the sustainability of a $20 laptop, especially since an LCD monitor will cost way more than that. Well it turns out that the Sakshat is not actually the low-cost laptop it was hyped up to be – it’s more like a device for accessing e-learning material available online. It’s about 10-inches long and resembles a palm top or modem, and the cost of the device shot up between $20 and $30 because of unexpected production costs. The news is a little disappointing, but as long as the device does what it promises to do – which is providing educational material to students – then I don’t see anything wrong with it.


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