The Making of the Nokia N97

There’s no doubt that the making of a device like the Nokia N97 from scratch requires collective effort and insight on what a flagship device should contain. The Nokia N97 is the child of several parents – a global team based in Tokyo, with the design team in Finland, the mechanics team in Tokyo, and software teams from India, China, Singapore, and Boston. Below is a video of the making of the Nokia N97, where many of the key players of the team go in front of the camera to tell their story, including designer Shunjiro Eguchi and Product Program Manager Tomi Kuparinen. It’s very cheesy in that inspirational bullshit sense, but if you’re excited about the N97 then this video will probably give you the goosebumps.


3 thoughts on “The Making of the Nokia N97

  1. the Nokia N97 is super cool and very stylish. i bought two N97s, one for me and one for my sister. you cant find a phone that is more stylish than N97,

  2. The N97 Mini has to be my all time favourite phone to date. I am keeping a close eye on what Nokia bring out in 2010 though as their phones always seem to get better and better.

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