Playstation Phone Zeus Z1 Exists – Here’s Video Proof!

The Sony-Ericsson PlayStation Phone I blogged about several weeks ago really does exist, and here’s video proof from Engadget! It looks exactly the photo and seems just about done.

The video reveals that the phone is powered by the Gingerbread version of Android, which has not been released to the public yet. When the phone slides out, it reveals a game pad instead of the keyboard. And with the PlayStation icon on the menu, it’s likely that this tiny machine will be able to handle PlayStation games. Exciting!

Additionally, the phone won’t have the word “PlayStation” on its name to make it as appealing to the mass market as possible. Instead, it will be called the Zeus Z1. I think I’d like it better if were called the PlayStation phone but what the hell, as long as it can play the games, I still want it!

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