Nokia Phone is Powered by…Sugar?

nokia sugar powered phone

Green is in, but a lot of companies that claim to support sustainable living end up contributing to the accumulation of waste products by asking you to buy theirs. Now this unusual phone by Nokia, on the other hand, has an alternate energy source that seems to work. Instead of plugging it onto a socket to recharge the battery, all you gotta do is pour in a sugary drink. That’s right, it runs entirely on glucose! Apparently, this phone is powered by a battery that uses enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates. The device produces carbon dioxide and water as the battery dies, but it can instantly be recharged by a new shot of glucose or any sugary drink.

This phone was a collaboration between Nokia and Chinese designer Daizi Zheng, and is supposed to run up to three or four times longer than a lithium battery. Not sure if the Finnish company will actually put this into production, or how well people will receive it. In any case, I’d love to see the application of this technology onto other consumer electronics.


One thought on “Nokia Phone is Powered by…Sugar?

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