Globe Lets Nokia Users Purchase Premium Apps with Ease

Good news for Globe subscribers using Nokia mobile phones and smartphones! Buying premium apps, games, and other fun content from the Nokia Store is made much easier because the price of each download will now be charged to your prepaid load account or your postpaid phone bill. All you have to do is visit from your phone’s browser, and you will be prompted to download the Nokia Store application. Once registered, you can start downloading great content and applications for a wide range of Nokia devices from mobile phones.

In the Philippines, some of the most popular applications downloaded for 2011 were Facebook Chat, an application that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends on your phone. Skype was another popular download, as it allows you to call or text family and friends abroad for free. As for games, you might want to try out AdventureOfTed, an exciting game that will make you jump, run and kick the enemies to bring Ted safely home.

To date, Nokia Store is seeing strong growth with more than 11 million global downloads per day. This milestone is a result of the increased demand for mobile content and the growing number of new apps and partner developers, complemented by new consumers signing up for Nokia Store. Try it out today!

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