RIM Unveils BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM solidifies their standing in the corporate world with the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a new platform that allows IT specialists to manage company devices, even if they’re from rival companies like Android and Apple. The BlackBerry Mobile Fusion software allows companies to create rules that govern employee passwords, apps, and other software across various tablets and smartphones, including the iPhone and Android devices. The software also enables managers to lock and wipe any devices that are stolen or missing, bringing greater security to the workplace.

Below is a list of what BlackBerry Mobile Fusion can do:

* Asset management
* Configuration management
* Security and policy definition and management
* Secure and protect lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe)
* User- and group-based administration
* Multiple device per user capable
* Application and software management
* Connectivity management (Wi-Fi®, VPN, certificate)
* Centralized console
* High scalability

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is currently in early beta testing with select enterprise customers. RIM is now accepting customer nominations for the closed beta program which will start in January. Expect BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to be available to everyone late March.

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