Make Your Own PC with Shuttle Barebone X50

If you’re a fan of the all-in-one PCs that have been flooding the market recently, Shuttle just came up with one that might actually buy. The Shuttle Barebone X50 has just been officially released and will be on sale by the end of the month for €361 or $499. What can you expect from your money? First, it’s got a 15.6-inch touchscreen with a 1366 x 768 resolution, Intel’s Atom 330 dual-core processor, and the ability to choose storage and OS. The Barebone model doesn’t come with a RAM or hard drive but you can outfit it with anything between a 512MB and 2GB RAM and different types of 2.5-inch drives, which means anything from a 80GB hard drive to a high-capacity SSD. It doesn’t come with an OS either, but it includes instructions on how to load one. Sophisticated users can build their all-in-one PC in just a few steps, and customize it according to their needs to boot.

Other features of the Shuttle Barebone X50 include a 1.3 megapixel webcam, WLAN, Gigabit-LAN, a card reader, stereo speakers, a mic, and a fanless 65-watt power supply. Available in black or white.


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