Speed test results of PLDT myDSL, Smart bro, Globelines and Globe Tatoo

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I didn’t realize that it’s been two years since I last checked the speed of my three internet service providers. One lesson learned from my past reviews is to make sure the modem is in working condition. I had been complaining in early 2007 that my PLDT mydsl connection had dropped connections and it was only a year after , that I found out that the problem was the modem. Since May 2008, I have not encountered a single problem with my PLDT mydsl connection. I decided to do another speed test to be consistent with the past reviews. Take note, I am a paying subscriber located in Pasig City near the Quezon City area. The speed test was done at night , taken in the same hour , when internet connection often slows down. Speed tests results were obtained from speedtest.net and repeated three times to make sure results were consistent. The results are quite interesting. I wanted to see who was delivering promised speed results or who fell below it. Just take a look.

1. Smart Bro – 999 pesos for a 512 kpbs connection- installed March 2, 2007

Smart Bro wireless broadband serves well as a backup internet connection for my daughter, Lauren when our Globe Broadband connection fails at night. We have had no trouble with Smart Bro since 2008. With its speed reaching 43% of the promised speed, it can still deliver when the regular ISP is not working. The Smart Bro is not often used because the speed is just too slow for my daughter’s needs.

speed test aug 18 2

Download: 220 kbps
Upload: 100 kbps
Promised speed: 220kbps reaches 43%

2. Globelines Broadband Budget Bundles – 2 MBPS with landline. at 1,995 pesos, installed March, 2007

The Globelines broadband is attached to my daughter’s computer and this is where we get WIFI connection for the whole house. I notice that the connection slows down at night the past months but the results were not bad at all. The speed test results hits 72% of promised speed.

speed test makati (1)

Download: 1.43Mb/s
Upload: 350 kbps
Promised speed: 1.43 MBps at 72% of promised speed (2.0 Mb/s)

3. PLDT MyDSL 1MBps with landline bundle at 1,590 pesos a month plus 10% VAT

The PLDT Mydsl wired connection is connected to my main work computer, the desktop located at my home office. Since PLDT changed my modem in 2008, I have never encountered any major problems with my connection. The speed test results is quite surprising. The download speed surpassed by 150% the promised speed of 1 MB/s.


Download: 1.56 Mb/s
Upload: 540 kbps
Promised speed: 1.56Mb/s surpasses the promised speed 1.00 Mb/s

4. Globe Tattoo

The fourth internet connection is Globe Tattoo which I only started to use on August 2009. I am not sure what speed it promises to give but I hardly use this wireless connection because it is just too slow. However, it proved to be useful during the last typhoon when we had no electricity for a few hours. It allowed me to check emails, surf the internet but other things like upload photos was not possible.


Download: 390 kbps
Upload: 90 kbps
Promised speed: no data

I stopped using Smart 3G connection since my phone modem does not seem to be working.

The question is which is the best provider among the four in my area?

The best goes to PLDT Mydsl wired connection because it surpassed 150% of its promised speed of 1 Mb/s. It is commendable that my PLDT Mydsl wired connection is quite stable without dropped connection that often happens in my Globe broadband , Globe Tattoo wireless broadband and Smart Bro wireless broadband. Another plus factor is that I have only called customer service for problems just twice in the past two years. I pray it keeps that way.

The speed test results is quite a revelation. It shows that internet speeds that are promised to the customer should be as advertised. Advertising claims of our internet service providers should not be “up to this speed” but rather , provide the actual speed and even surpass it just like my PLDT mydsl experience.

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