The Nokia Ovi Store

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If you’ve got a new Nokia device, you can probably access the new Nokia Ovi Store, a personal media network with a social buying experience. What this means is that all the media accessible to you in the Ovi Store is customized according to your handset, location, and your actions. When you visit the Ovi Store by typing on your Nokia device browser, you can immediately begin downloading applications, games, productivity tools, web-based services, and other types of content to make your device more smart and intuitive. The best part is that the media you’ll be consuming is not just a matter of “what” you buy – it’s also about where, when, why, and who. Everything that will be available to you on the Ovi Store is relevant to your location and needs. There is also a host of payment options for the content on sale, and content providers even provide other payment venues in countries where credit cards are not widely used.

The Ovi Store can be accessed using over 50 Nokia devices, including the forthcoming Nokia N97 pictured above. Check out what the Ovi Store has for your Nokia phone by visiting

Don’t forget that you can also avail of a free ovi email account.

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