Nokia 6710 is the Ultimate Navigation Solution

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The Mobile World Congress 2009 saw the latest in the Nokia Navigator line, the 6710. The sleek titanium device promises to be everything a user can expect from a dedicated GPS device with the benefits of a mobile phone. The Nokia 7610 has the latest Maps software with real-time “drive and walk” navigation, full regional maps, touch area for easy zooming, and a large display for optimized outdoor viewing. The navigation experience is simply and easy because the navigation licenses come pre-installed, which makes it ready to use once you turn on the navigator. With the recent integration of Ovi Maps, you can pre-plan your journey at home on your PC and synchronize it with your mobile device. The new Maps, you can also view high-res aerial images, 3D landmarks for over 200 cities, terrain maps, weather service, events content, a compass, and traffic warnings.

Watch out for the Nokia 6710 on the third quarter of 2009!

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