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Konami Games Come to the iPhone and iPod Touch

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I’ve never really felt the need to own an iPhone or an iPod Touch; it’s such a pain in the ass to write text messages using the former and I already have the an iPod Nano. But exciting news from video game developer Konami is seriously tempting me to get one of the two gadgets – the iPod Touch, most likely.

Konami is going to make downloads of four of their most popular games late this month. And these aren’t just any old games – they’re Metal Gear Touch, which will include characters from Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriot; Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, a dance game I was incredibly addicted to back in high school; Frogger, a simple no-brainer game where you have to make a frog cross a street; and last but not the least, SILENT HILL: THE ESCAPE!!!! Silent Hill is my favorite survival horror series of all time, and its iPhone/iPod Touch version allows the user to control the character using moves like sliding a finger across the touch panel screen and changing the alignment to target monsters using the built-in altimeter.

Dance Dance Revolution, Frogger, and Silent Hill: The Escape will be available in Japan and North America late December 2008, while Metal Gear Solid Touch will be coming out Spring 2009. Yes, I’m such a fan of Silent Hill that I am seriously considering an iPod Touch just so I cam play The Escape. Or maybe I can just “borrow” my mom’s iPhone and find a way to install the game there instead…


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