Amazon Kindle is the Rarest Christmas Present

If you find an Amazon Kindle eBook Reader under your tree or inside your stocking on Christmas morning, be sure to heap lots of thanks on the giver because the Amazon Kindle is the hardest to find gadget for the Christmas season. The Kindle is all sold out for Christmas – no wait, the Kindle has been sold out way before December arrived. While you can still order a Kindle through Amazon, the estimated time of arrival will be in 11 to 13 weeks. That’s at least two to three months after Christmas! The only way you can get a Kindle in time for the holidays is to look for one on eBay, where a sealed Kindle costs $400 instead of $359.

The Kindle was all sold out for Christmas 2007 too but Amazon was able to come up with a reasonable excuse for that: they had just launched the Kindle that year and was not sure how the market would receive it. This year, however, Amazon simply miscalculated the holiday demand for the Kindle. Disgruntled buyers blame Oprah for recommending the Kindle and giving out coupons codes for it on her show last October. Could all her viewers have eaten up Amazon’s supply of the popular eBook reader? And does this mean that there’s no way the Kindle will ever be available to those living outside of the United States?


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