Google to equip 39,000 Filipino youths with in-demand, job-ready skills through Google Career Certificate scholarships

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The company is also collaborating with local partners such as the Globe Group, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology to distribute the certificates If you are 18 years old and above, take this opportunity to avail a Google Career Certificate. . The Google Career Certificates in the Philippines program aims […]


Linksys Atlas Pro 6 home mesh system

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Having the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 mesh networking system expanded the Wi-Fi signal coverage throughout my house. According to the Linksys website, “a mesh Wi-Fi is an interconnected series of nodes that ensures complete signal coverage to all your devices. With Intelligent Mesh Technology, it goes a step further, focusing the Wi-Fi signal strength based […]

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Reward with Maya’s latest Tipid Hits

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There’s a reward for everyone with Maya’s latest Tipid Hits and you should check out the Tipid Cheat list here. Check out the newbie hits, adulting hits, self-care hits, and weekend hits.   All-in-one money app Maya makes everyday shopping more fun and exciting with Tipid Hits! There is always a thrill in getting good rewards and great deals, […]