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World’s Smallest Microwave Oven is USB-Powered!

It looks like a rinky-dink plastic toy but you really are looking at the world’s smallest microwave oven. Designed by experts at GAMA Microwave Technology and Heinz, this tiny microwave measures at just 150mm x 160mm x 190mm and plugs right into your computer’s USB slot. According to its makers, they created the tiny microwave because of the 20% office workers who are too busy and too stressed to take an hour off to eat. With this little gadget, many instant snacks can be accessible right from the desks of office workers. Although I can’t exactly imagine what kind of snacks you’d be eating with this thing – it looks like it can handle only a small cup of instant noodles.

Still, I wouldn’t exactly throw this one out if I received it as a present or something. Food’s food no matter how tiny the packaging, and having a microwave plugged into my computer is definitely more convenient than running to the pantry. Price and availability of the world’s smallest microwave has yet to be announced, so stay tuned!


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