MintPass External HDD is Yummy Yummy Yummy

In Korea, the question “How big is your hard?” is not as kinky as it seems to be. “Hard” in Korea can refer to two things: an ice cream bar, because of the way your tongue gets stuck to a freshly opened ice cream bar, and an external hard drive. So when people ask, “How big is your hard?”, they’re probably referring to your external hard drive’s capacity. But the case of the MintPass External Drive, a Korean will actually be referring to both, because this absolutely yummy external hard drive looks deceptively like an actual ice cream bar!

mintpass main body

Mint Hard is actually a battery-driven external hard drive and a wooden handle that serves as a USB flash drive. By plugging in the handle or digital camera into the MintHard’s USB port, you can conveniently transfer data from the memory stick straight into the hard disk drive. This is a really useful feature that I think should be mandatory for all external hard drives.

mintpass 2

Mint Hard comes in three different flavors: Mint Hard Chocolate has a 120GB capacity and 8GB USB flash drive, Mint Hard Strawberry has a 80GB capacity and 4GB flash drive, and Mint Hard Vanilla has 60GB of space and a 2GB flash drive. All are made with high-density plastic that can withstand the bite of a person who mistakes these for an actual ice cream bar. Grab your own MintPass external HDD here.

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