The real deal on Globe’s Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Globe fair use policy

If you don’t know it yet, Globe started strictly enforcing a 1 GB a day/ 3GB a month Fair Use Policy (FUP). You can check their FUP for the Tattoo Broadband for your Home – DSL, WiMAX and LTE. Or check that infographic above this post. Globe says the FUP will not affect your regular mobile surfing habits. If you exceed 1 GB, your connection will automatically be downgraded to 2G browsing speeds but you will soon be upgraded again to regular browsing speed once midnight comes along.

I am all for data cap so that the quality of the speed is maintained. I hate having an LTE sign on my iPhone but the speed is uber slow. Besides there is a lot you can do with 1 GB a day.

Here are the online activities you can do with 1 GB! You can:

1. Browse up to 10,486 web pages (100 Kb web page)
2. Send and receive up to 2,048 plain text emails (500 Kb emails)
3. Upload/download up to 1,020 photos (1 MB photo)
4. Download up to 246 songs (4 MB song)
5. 1 movie (700 MB video file)

Globe adds that “if you do not share or download large files from the Internet, rest assured that you will not be affected by Globe’s Fair Use Policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents contribute to extensive use of bandwidth capacity and if left permanently on may cause you to break this policy.”

Despite the FUP, my internet connection is still slow. I have not gotten a notice yet that I went over the 1 GB daily cap. I am really looking forward to a wonderful connection in the future. I hope this is part of their #projectwonderful on social media.

3 thoughts on “The real deal on Globe’s Fair Use Policy (FUP)

  1. Hi Ms Noemi

    Thanks for sharing this. oddly enough, i’m happy this is being put into place. kudos to globe for FINALLY strictly implementing it (i hope and pray smart follows suit). These bandwidth “hogs” really congest the network (i studied telecomms back in college) and more often than not, these hogs use it for a lot of illegal things to say the least. south korea’s blazing internet speed is primarily because of their strict throttling implementations too. i’m looking forward to a faster connection, like you.

    More power momblogger!

  2. This really has to be investigated in congress. Telcos throttling users is a breach of contract with those who subscribed to 3G and LTE plans.

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