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Several months ago, I blogged about the launch of Globe Duo, Globe’s new breakthrough service that lets you make landline and mobile phone calls all through one SIM card! The Duo SIM card enables you to make unlimited calls to landlines, unlimited calls to any DUO subscriber, receive landline calls wherever you are, and make the usual mobile calls or texts.

I find it really so useful. Since I was one of the first to avail of the service, my Duo Globe Number is pretty and so easy to memorize. My household or family members can call me anytime especially for emergency matters. If you haven’t availed of the Duo Globe, you should get one now.

How does it work?

Globe Duo is surprisingly easy to use. Other phones can accommodate two SIM cards, but Duo is the real two in one. No need to keep a second phone around or get a duo SIM phone, because DUO SIM cards contain both the landline number and the mobile number.

Once you are subscribed to Duo, you will be given your Duo Landline number. Now, your mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX).

Upon activation, the following calls are rendered free of charge: DUO to any Landline calls, any Landline to DUO calls, and DUO to DUO calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates.

No need to enter a prefix or keyword to make landline calls! To call a landline number, simply dial the area code plus the landline number. To call another DUO number just dial the area code and the DUO number of the person you are calling. For any landline to call you a person will just dial the area code and your DUO landline number

How much does it cost?

Post-paid and prepaid subscribers can enjoy the Globe Duo service through affordable plans. Postpaid subscribers pay additional P399 every month of the service, while prepaid subscribers can get Duo for P450 for 30 days, P125 for 5 days or P25 per day of meter-free calling.

I am so happy with the service that I was willing to give a video testimonial of the Globe Duo service.

Here is my video testimonial.

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  1. How does Globe DUO Prepaid work?

    1. Subscription to DUO Service is P125/5 days or P350/14 days, charged to your load.

    2. Once you are subscribed to DUO, you will be given your DUO landline number. Your mobile phone will now have two (2) numbers:

    * • Your current mobile number (ex. 0917-XXX-XXXX)
    * • Your DUO landline number (ex. 02-XXX-XXXX)

    3. Upon activation, you can now make the following calls free of charge:

    * • Your DUO phone to any landline
    * • Any landline to your DUO phone
    * • Your DUO phone to another DUO phone

    Calls made to other mobile numbers or landlines outside the covered area/s are charged regular mobile rates.

    4. To call any landline: dial area code + landline number.

    To call another DUO number: dial area code + DUO number of person you are calling.

    No need for keywords or special prefixes!

    NOTE: This service is initially available in NCR and Cebu until July 31, 2009 only. All calls outside the area code for NCR (02) and Cebu (032) will be charged regular mobile or NDD rates.

    Want a DUO? Here’s how get one:

    1. Purchase a special DUO Prepaid SIM, available at a Globe Business Center or select retail partners in NCR or Cebu.

    2. Load the SIM with a minimum amount equivalent to your desired DUO denomination:

    * • Text DUO 125 to subscribe for 5 days at P125.
    * • Text DUO 350 to subscribe for 14 days at P350.
    * • Area is MM for Metro Manila, and CEB for Cebu.

    3. You can avail of only one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line at any one time.

    4. Your Prepaid DUO is valid for the number of days you subscribe to. Upon expiry, you have 30 days to reload in order to retain your DUO landline number. If you activate your DUO subscription after this 30-day period, you will be assigned a new DUO number.

    5. In cases of fraud, Globe reserves the right to discontinue the DUO service and/or any of the subscriptions. DUO is not available for International Service Resale. Subscribing to GROAM while on DUO will trigger forfeiture of remaining number of days subscribed to.

    Let’s DUO it! Visit your nearest Globe Business Center today!

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    Beming says,
    6-16-2009 at 10:26:39
    free unlimited call from “Duo” to regular “Globe Cel”?
    6-16-2009 at 10:30:50
    unlimited din kung nag SIM na tatawagan mo ay naka-DUO din.
    emjez15 says,
    6-16-2009 at 13:25:41
    kasama poh ba kahit andito ako sa cogeo, antipolo?
    6-16-2009 at 13:27:21
    di ako sure, ang alam ko sa metro manila pa lang available toh.
    TURKSRENO says,
    6-16-2009 at 20:49:47
    Magulo… Ang sbi duo to landline to duo ay unlimiteD col… So either duo landline o duo m0bile ang 2mawag sa landline ay unlimiteD din, tama? Pakiclarify lang dahl yan din ung nakalagay sa leaflet ng globe na nakuha ko sa businesS center.
    boplaksnakelot says,
    6-25-2009 at 04:56:53
    DUO Service is the landline number that they were talking about… it means that unlimited calls only applies to any landline number to DUO and Vise Versa, not the mobile number.
    ekispinoy says,
    6-25-2009 at 19:09:20
    as boplaksnakelot said…ganito lang po:
    Duo to any landline – FREE
    any landline to Duo Number (not the 09xx number) – FREE
    Duo activated sim to Duo activated sim – FREE
    6-25-2009 at 19:15:47
    yup. tama. hehe. ganun lang.
    kal el says,
    7-1-2009 at 02:38:39
    kailangan pa ba bumili nung duo prepaid sim? o pwede na gamitin yung ordinary globe prepaid sim , globe prepaid gamit ko kasi.
    7-1-2009 at 09:24:03
    @kal el
    isang SIM lang toh. Kapag nag-register ka, bibigyan ka nila ng NEW number.
    kal el says,
    7-10-2009 at 08:12:06
    pero kailangan pa ba bumili nung bago na sim para sa duo? o pwede na yung dati ko pang gamit na globe prepaid sim?
    7-10-2009 at 09:22:44
    Dating SIM lang gagamitin mo. Bibigyan k lang nila ng isa pang number para magamit mo sa landline.
    nonimuz says,
    7-14-2009 at 03:48:21
    tried it, too expensive. u have to be duo both parties for unlimited call. its a waste . . .
    firefox says,
    8-5-2009 at 12:13:27
    its really a waste… what for?
    Charos says,
    8-7-2009 at 12:21:11
    I tried for several days…. because I do not have a landline at home and need to make some landline calls, it was indeed useful
    Anyhow you only need to register at P25/day (24Hours)
    Once registered, they will give you your Duo landline number and viola, you can now make a phone call to any landline within Metro Manila.
    And so far so good. They tried calling back to my number, easy no hassle!
    However if you are trying to use this for a telebabad as Mobile Duo to Mobile Duo, I think that is too childish….. and Yes it will be too expensive talaga!
    brockley says,
    8-21-2009 at 13:42:04
    i cant call to any landline number for days now im subscribed to MM and been trying to call my friends here in manila hindi nagriring or minsan parang error tone.. this service sucks they should have improved it more before releasing to the market this is such a waste of money
    says says,
    8-31-2009 at 11:56:24
    can i use globe DUO sim for texting?
    chocofries says,
    8-31-2009 at 17:14:15
    Depende rin naman sa location yan. Dito sa area namin sa district 1 ng Valenzuela hindi gumagana ang Globe Duo. Nag register ako twice na. Makakatawag ka lang sa mga landlines at Duo numbers kung may load ka na pangtawag as in regular call rates. Pag tumawag ka sa any landline, nadededuct pa rin ang load mo. At kapag wala kang load, hindi ka makakatawag kahit saan. Nung tumawag ako sa CSR nila sabi activated naman nga daw ag Duo service ko and made a report on my complain. After 3 days, nung i-follow up ko na, sabi ba naman na ibabalik na lang daw sakin yung na-deduct na load kasi wala naman daw ibang nagko-complain sa area namin kaya parang nabalewala yung report. Tama ba yun? Hindi naman lahat ng subscribers magtyatyagang tumawag sa kanila. Kahit yung mga friends ko sa kabilang village namin sabi palpak nga daw ang Globe Duo na yan.
    Eh ang promotion ng Globe sa ads nila, metrowide daw ang Duo, at dito sa amin halos lahat ng mga stores ay may banners ng Duo ads na yan. Yung mga tindera ng stores na yun sinasabing may mga nagrereklamo nga daw sa kanila tungkol sa Globe Duo na yan.
    Ibabalik na lang daw yung load. Hindi naman yun ang talagang tamang solusyon eh. Sana tingnan nila yung problem at ayusin nila para magkaroon talaga ng Duo service sa buong metro manila.
    earl10 says,
    9-6-2009 at 12:48:00
    mga sis and bros, ok na po yung globe duo, pwede na sya gamitin pantawag to any landline. nagagamit ko na nga siya eh. Tama yung na experience nyo dati. Hindi rin ako makatawag sa any landline (except globe landline) pero ngayon nakakatawag na ako. Kaya ano pa hinihintay nyo. convert your load to Duo Landline.. text nyo ko if nabasa nyo to. 09177867208
    earl10 says,
    9-6-2009 at 12:50:38
    Pagpasensyahan nyo na po kung nung una eh bad shot kayo sa globe duo. Ganun talaga. sabi nga eh Trial and error lang. NObody’s perfect..
    God Bless to all…
    cesmnla says,
    9-7-2009 at 13:03:14
    300 will be credited back to my prepaid account dahil sa trouble ng duo service from aug. 15 to sept. 5. they r making more improvement to give a much better service to globe users kaya there’s nothing wrong with a bit of patience from us.
    Liz Bolfango says,
    9-8-2009 at 09:11:41
    I am interested to avail this promo, and i am presently a globe subscriber, Will i retain my
    old number?
    Please reply!
    Our company is also interested to avail with
    4-7 users.
    9-8-2009 at 11:43:40
    @Liz Bolfango
    yup, retain ang number nyo, 2 numbers ang gamit kasi dito pero 1 sim lang. Bibigyan kau ng Globe ng isa pang cp#.
    waldz says,
    9-16-2009 at 08:17:55

    alang kuwenta!!! nag-try ako mag-register for 1 day just to try it, nka-register naman & globe had given me a landline # (02-5046367)… pero hindi ako naka-connect kahit once sa kahit anong landline!!! its a waste of money & time really…and when i called 211 (globe toll-free prepaid hotline) the customer service told me that there are some globe prepaid nos. that are still not set by the system for globe duo including mine (09176670566)!!! huh??? at wala sila masabi kundi “sorry for the inconvenience”… bullshit….
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