GCash commits to UN Women empowerment principles, boosting women in tech

In celebration of the United Nations Women International Girls in ICT Day, GCash, signed the UN Women Empowerment Principles Commitment. This agreement further establishes GCash’s long-standing commitment to the UN’s goal to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

As a fintech company that values gender equality, diversity, and inclusion as a strong and integral part of its work culture, GCash’s workforce comprises 46% of women leaders including its CEO which is higher than the industry average of 28%.

This was the highlight of GCash’s GTalks, an event commemorating the UN Women International Girls in ICT Day, which put a spotlight on notable women leaders at the helm of the fintech industry.

The program opened with a talk by UN Women country coordinator Rosalyn “Lenlen” Mesina, and culminated with GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon, signing the company’s commitment to the UN Women Empowerment Principles.

“We at GCash are committed to ensure we uphold diversity, equality, and inclusivity in our everyday culture. We are proud to have created a space where women, or any gender, can thrive, and their success is normal and always celebrated,” Sazon said.

You know, GCash actually follows three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are pretty important. They focus on Gender Equality, that’s SDG 5, Reducing Inequality, which is SDG 10, and Decent Work and Economic Growth, or SDG 8. These help guide the e-wallet in creating a decent and productive employment that fosters both personal and economic growth while making sure no employee is discriminated against based on age, gender, race, disabilities, marital status, personal beliefs, religion and spiritual practices, political affiliation, gender identification, and sexual orientation.

More than just providing safe and convenient services to Filipinos wherever they may be, GCash remains steadfast in its initiatives to become a leading advocate of safe, diverse, and inclusive work culture in pursuit of its vision of achieving “Finance for all”.