SKYCABLE launches DigiBox iRecord, Personal Video Recorders

Good news for those who often miss their favorite shows on TV.

SKYCABLE makes Philippine television history once again as it launches the DigiBox iRecord—a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) set top box with multiple functions. “This is a breakthrough product for the Philippine cable market,” says Rodrigo P. Montinola, SKYCABLE Corporation’s Head for Marketing. “We are very proud to be the first to introduce it here.”


There are times when I am never home when a favorite show needs to be recorded. This PVR set top box then becomes really useful.

Montinola says, “We see the trend in countries like the U.S. where TiVo is a staple in millions of households. In Asia, there’s Singapore’s StarHub and Malaysia’s Astro, whose PVR versions are gaining popularity in their respective countries. Being a nation of television enthusiasts, the Philippines shouldn’t be left behind in this important development.”

The DigiBox iRecord is a set top box, that connects to the television set using an HDMI cable .It has a recording function can be enabled on the spot (as the viewer is watching) or scheduled for a future time. For further convenience, there are options for daily, weekly and monthly recording.

Since the DigiBox iRecord can simultaneously record up to two TV programs while watching a third one, it answers the problem of having only one cable-connected TV and several family members who would like to watch different shows. “So no need to fight over the remote,” Montinola says with a smile.

Now that is really neat function especially for those with one TV set .

The array of functions on the playback mode includes bookmarking (for indicating favorite portions or scenes that the viewer would like to review), slow-mo and frame-by-frame playback (for examining scenes in greater detail), and folder-making (for organizing recorded videos per show or per member of the family).

Demos and initial testing have yielded positive feedback, with time-shifting or pausing live TV broadcast being the reviewers’ favorite feature. To illustrate, consider for instance a viewer who suddenly feels the need to grab a bite while watching an exciting live boxing match. Instead of waiting until the commercial break to go to the kitchen, he can simply press the time-shift button to pause the live broadcast. After which, he can stand up and fix up a snack, then resume watching where he left off—without worrying about missing any of the fight.

The DigiBox iRecord’s trendy design is just as attractive as its features. The box and remote come in a sleek rust-proof silver finish. It has a 320-gig hard drive that can store up to 145 hours of Standard Definition (SD) video or 86 hours of High Definition (HD) video. That’s equivalent to over 70 movie titles, or 100+ episodes of one-hour TV shows, or 80+ documentaries of National Geographic HD.

“We are always keen on developing new products and services that would enrich and uplift the lives of Filipino families,” says Montinola. “We see the DigiBox iRecord as special tool to help our subscribers get more out of their TV experience and manage their lives so that they can spend more quality time with their loved ones.”

The DigiBox iRecord is available initially in Metro Manila.

Existing SkyCable subscribers can avail of this service by adding a refundable deposit of P4,999 plus P399 service fee of using the Digibox iRecord (exclusive of your monthly cable fee). This allows you a 3 months’ access to FoxCrime HD, Star Movies HD and NatGeo HD and the option to upgrade your old DigiBox to the iRecord.

To sign up for installation, call the SKYCABLE Customer Service Hotline at 631-0000 or log on to Add us on FaceBook by typing [email protected] or follow us on Twitter at

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