SKYBROADBAND: 5Mbps Internet Speed for Just P999


SKYBROADBAND has a history of providing the fastest internet speed at an affordable price. In 2008, they were the first to offer 12 Mbps when other internet service providers only offered a maximum speed of 3 Mbps. In 2010, SKYBROADBAND introduced faster with their 112 Mbps maximum speed, starting out at Rockwell in Makati City. Today, Sky lives up to their promise with a new Internet package. For P999, you get a 15GB usage allowance and a fast speed of 5Mbps.

This offer is the first of its kind, since other ISPs only provide 1 Mbps for the same amount. Additionally, 15GB data allowance allows the user to do a number of internet activities at one time – unlimited access to social networking and your favorite websites, download up to 3,750 songs or 25 movies, 125 hours of non-stop YouTube, or 586 hours of VoIP. The package also includes a free subscription to iWantv!, which offer exclusive content for SKYBROADBAND subscribers.

But if the data cap isn’t enough for your Internet needs, you can add P100 per 1Gb. This is another first introduced by SKYBROADBAND in the Philippines.

You can test out these claims at no extra cost by signing up for a 15-day free trial at You can also call SKYBROADBAND Customer Service Hotline at 631-0000 to experience the difference!

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