MongoDB partnership strengthens Stratpoint’s ability to deliver modern software architectures

Stratpoint Technologies, a company that helps with digital transformation through software, managed QA, cloud, data, and AI, has become a consulting services partner and value-added reseller of MongoDB. This partnership allows Stratpoint to offer more companies a modern software architecture and, in turn, increases MongoDB’s presence in the Philippines.

MongoDB is a data platform that provides the necessary tools and services for building distributed applications quickly, with the performance and scale that users demand. MongoDB’s document database stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents, making it an ideal way to work with data. MongoDB’s distributed architecture makes high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution simple and seamless.

Sonny Carlos, the Cloud and Data business head of Stratpoint, said, “We partnered with MongoDB because of its ability to support modern software architectures such as microservices – a perfect fit in the technology portfolio of Stratpoint. Using MongoDB as part of the solution architecture modernizes the migration of customers to the cloud. With MongoDB as part of our portfolio, we will provide more value to our clients, as we help them respond to the increasing demands of the digital economy.”

Stewart Garrett, the Regional Vice President ASEAN at MongoDB, said, “The Philippines is a hugely exciting market for MongoDB, with a large and talented population of developers and thousands of innovative companies. We look forward to working with Stratpoint to help these organizations harness the full power of MongoDB by equipping their technical teams with the tools, training, and certifications they need to succeed.”

With Agile software development, MongoDB, and AWS services, Stratpoint offers a modern and future-ready approach to digital transformation. Companies can acquire MongoDB from the AWS Marketplace, MongoDB’s cloud service Atlas, or directly from Stratpoint.

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