Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founder AVOS

This morning, I received an email from Delicious announcing that they had just been acquired by YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Delicious will now be a part of AVOS, their new internet company. I was worried that my carefully-curated bookmarks would disappear after the acquisition, but a quick check showed me that they’re still safely intact. The email went on to explain that all Delicious users can still enjoy the convenience of the bookmarking service, as long as they agree to let Yahoo! move your bookmarks to AVOS. Users will have to agree to AVOS’s terms of service and privacy policy as well.

Transferring your Delicious bookmarks from Yahoo! to AVOS is really easy. All you have to do is visit the Opt-In page (Settings > Account > Opt In) then fill in your first name, last name, and email address. Once you click the button, you’ll be given a link that brings you back to Delicious, and you can continue using the service as though nothing happened. You should also receive an email saying that your bookmarks will be moved along with Delicious.

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