Cignal Digital HD Pay TV service Available in Smart Wireless Nationwide

UPDATE (June 28, 2012): Cignal informed me that they have better customer service now. Please check or Visit their facebook at and on twitter. @cignaltv

or call 02- 244-6251 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-244-6251 (outside Metro Manila) or text 391-800-8000

Mediascape launches country’s 1st nationwide Digital High Definition pay TV service


Good news to TV lovers in the Philippines.

A new TV viewing standard has gone High Definition. High-definition television or HDTV is now available to households all over the Philippines via Mediascape’s Cignal.


“This marks a significant milestone for the Philippine television industry. Cignal with its Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV is the most aggressive initiative thus far to bring digital television to more Filipinos all over the country,” said Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman, Mediascape. “We are once more at the cutting edge of innovation, offering the next generation of advanced services to our people.”

High definition viewing is fast gaining popularity in countries like the U.S with more than 100 HD channels available and in Europe, around 77 HD channels. In Asia, Japan started the trend and is now being followed by Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore. The Philippines is now catching-up with its neighbors.

“Filipinos are known to be early adopters of technology when services are made easily available and affordable, such as cellular communications and Internet connectivity. Cignal does the same for HDTV – it offers reliable and affordable HD viewing to Filipinos in every corner of the country,” said Orlando B. Vea, President of MediaScape, Inc. “It will also be more accessible to subscribers because they can avail of both Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV’s competitive packages in all Smart Wireless Centers nationwide.”

The digital difference
I was quite impressed with the quality of the TV experience even at standard definition that I nearly availed of the discount tonight but I knew I just had to ask permission from my husband. The thing is the favorite channels of my husband are not currently available. NO ANC Channel too! Maybe right now, there are limited channels but he just doesn’t want to give up his cable TV, just yet.

Cignal comes in two packages – Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV – each boasting of a unique TV viewing experience. Currently, Cignal Digital TV provides 20 SD/standard definition top rating channels including GMA 7, ABS CBN 2, TV5, QTV, Studio 23, NBN, CS9, IBC13, ETC, @nd Avenue, Net 25, HBO, Disney Channel, PBO, and Viva Cinema. It also carries digital radio broadcasts of DZRH Television, 90.7 Love Radio, FM 101.1 Yes FM, Joey 92.3, Magic 89.9, 99.5RT, and NU107. More channels will be added into the roster of entertainment selections in the future.

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Company ProfileCignal-Product-Pics

Cignal HD offers two exciting channels through its High Definition platform – Voom, a general entertainment channel that broadcasts a wide variety of programming from sports, fashion, concerts, and documentaries; and the History Channel which will show a variety of interesting topics that cover genres of world history – military, contemporary, historical, technology, and natural as well as science, archaeology, and pop culture. Watch out for more HD channels in the near future!


As an added perk for High Definition subscribers, Cignal HD offers free viewing of top rated shows, such as the recent NBA finals. Cignal Digital TV has also offered the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and Eraserhead’s latest concert. Soon, Studio 23’s UAAP games can be viewed through Cignal HD.

Here are the current promotions

1. Standard definition.

-One time Fee of 2,500 pesos (includes outdoor Unit, set top box, cables and remote control unit, LNB)
-Installation Fee of 1000 pesos
-1 month advance of 390 pesos (21 standard definition channels (20 Channels and 1 PPV channel)

Total Cash out is 3890 pesos

Lock in Period of 24 months

There is also a Prepaid of 6,090 total cash out

2. High Definition (Post Paid) with SD/HD Combo

– One time Fee at 4,800 pesos (IncludesOutdoor unit, Set Top Box, Cables (HDMI, RG6, and RCA) and Remote control unit, LNB)
– Installation Fee at 1,000 pesos
– 1 month advance of 790 pesos (2 HD Channels and 21 SD Channels)

Total Cash out of 6,590 pesos

Lock-in for 24 months

3. High Definition (Post Paid) Basic

– One time Fee at 6,500 pesos (IncludesOutdoor unit, Set Top Box, Cables (HDMI, RG6, and RCA) and Remote control unit, LNB)
– Installation Fee at 1,000 pesos
– 1 month advance of 450 pesos (2 HD Channels)

Total Cash out of 7,950 pesos

Lock-in for 24 months

If you don’t own a HDTV, you might as well get the standard definition promo.

UPDATE (June 28, 2012): Cignal informed me that they have better customer service now. Please check or call 02- 244-6251 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-244-6251 (outside Metro Manila) or text 391-800-8000.

Visit their facebook at and on twitter. @cignaltv

37 thoughts on “Cignal Digital HD Pay TV service Available in Smart Wireless Nationwide

  1. It’s good that they’ve launched already. There seems to be a problem with HD vs SD comparison though; 720p is still high definition but it categorized it as SD. If that were the case I’ll be waiting for my local channels to broadcast in 720p!
    .-= Berkano´s last blog ..The Smart Bro Speed Bump =-.

  2. Only 2 channels for HDTV several thousand pesos?
    Is that what you call early adaptors?

    You can suck my penis !!!!


  3. When would I exepect to get additional HD channels from this provider? 2 channels would be lilke no channel at all, and without counting the program repeats.

  4. Hello? With 2 Channels for HD?As if they are to die for TV Channels! I mean why cant they just immediately offer HD as a requisite and not as an option? We can watch History Channel even on regular cable,why make it a big deal if its HD? Unless you have astigmatism! duh.

  5. Hello CIGNAL TV providers…are you listening? Mine is a HDTV 32. But if asked to subscribe to cignal hd or combo hd, who cares having only 2 HD channels. Hello…. i’d rather download 1080p movies… and there are plenty of them… Good morning po taga Cignal…

  6. to cignal: i want to wATCH tv in HD but u may just email me if its now more than two freakin channels po… cause 2 hdchannels wont make it worthy to subscribe to your HD package… sorry.. im just telling the truth… use it as a suggestn…

  7. i have tried to subscribe but the staff members are so unprofessional! They scheduled and rescheduled me for installation since November 2 but up to now, nothing has happened. The published phone numbers are also always busy even on working hours / days. If you do get lucky to get it to ring, no one answers. Service sucks.. big time.

  8. I opted to subscribed cignal Digital TV last Dec. 18, ’09 but unfortunately its didn’t last for a month becoz the tv box lost its signal and the tune status was always “DMOD not locked” i don’t know why it goes like that without noticed from cignal management. Please be sincere to what you published and advertized on TV.

  9. ganyan ba ung cignal ang tagal magload!isang linggo na wla pa ung load nmin.ayusin nyo nman.nagbabayad nman kimi ng load.tagallllllllllllllll

  10. this is a total waste of money.even with the SD package. I mean come on?! you will spend almost 5k as initial cash out for the local channels and few cable channels? WTF! no way! you should come up with a really encing offerings CIGNAL if you want to have a market appeal.

  11. You have to think twice before getting Cignal TV. Its aftersales service sucks.

    They do not even deliver your billing statements. Kahit sinasabi silang online notification sa TV about your billing, it does not happen. Meron, when I complained once, pero isang beses lang yun.

    You will be surprised us well that they do not have any special handling for exceptions. Isa lang ibig sabihin, there is no room to accommodate these situations.

    Ganito, last Sept 15 I paid via Metrobank kase nga wala akong natanggap na billing. I paid something kahit hindi ko alam outstanding ko, kase bigla ko naalala na hindi pa nga ako nagbabayad ng satellite bills. Today, September 19, I just learned that I got disconnected September 16!. Nalaman ko lang when I opened the TV ngayon umaga and I called their discustomer service.

    I have still a balance of 500 something done. It is something that can be easily paid pero on a Sunday and with the 3 day crediting rule sa account nila and their lousy system to get the payment posted and reconciled sa account nila, na post lang ata yung payment ko ng September 18 (following their 3 day rule, which is absurd kase Saturday yun). Ewan ko, but they already know that the payment had been posted na.

    I asked if they can do something about this and I am willing to pay the balance even this Sunday. However, eto na ang gist. Fax ko daw ang proof of payment. I did not know that fax are a common contraptions sa bahay ngayon. O sige, email ko na lang daw. Muntik na akong bumagsak sa upuan ko as if naman normal appliance sa bahay ang scanner at suwerte kung me internet connection (though I have) sa bahay. I find this silly.

    Kaya pala me lockin sila is because wala kang kawala sa kanila despite their lousy aftersales service.

    I do not know with you guys, but CIGNAL TV is one BIG farce and disappointment. It is not advisable to get their service. Kaya lang naging interesado ako is 1. d abot ng Skycable ang lugar namin, and 2. it is backed sana pa mandin ng PLDT.

    Mukhang iba ang kultura ng Mediascape Inc sa PLDT. Sa PLDT, madali ang serbisyo. Kahit DSL ko, madali nilang nareresolve. Sa Mediascape, NADA as in NADA.

    May God help my fellow subscribers in CIGNAL TV!

  12. lack of good channel they are only offering channels which are mostly free to air channel,,,there’s no MTV,,for short you are wasting your money I’d rather to go for GSAT,,pang masa ang presyo at per year pa ang subscription hindi ka pa magproblema sa pag-load every month sa GSAT,,,well enough it has 30 channels to watch in GSAT alone…Cignal not worth it kunti lang talaga ang channel nila… wala magagandang channel na ini-offer nila…cguro kung maraming channel I’ll go for it….peace!!!!!!

  13. bakit ganon ang singil sa akin 2,850 para saan ang 300 ang plan ko ay 590+230=820+1,500+230= 2,550 lang bakit ako siningil ng 2,850… at tawag ako ng tawag sa landline walang sumasagot….hanggang ngayon wala pa akong mga channel Tv 5 lang…paki check naman service nyo..

  14. bakit ganon ang singil sa akin 2,850 para saan ang 300 ang plan ko ay 590+230=820+1,500+230= 2,550 lang bakit ako siningil ng 2,850… at tawag ako ng tawag sa landline walang sumasagot….hanggang ngayon wala pa akong mga channel Tv 5 lang…paki check naman service nyo.. dapat instullation fee 1,500 + 820 + 230 extention for the 1 box all in all payment is 2,550 bakit singil nyo sa akin 2,850 para saaan ang 300?

  15. my god until now wala pa ang connection more than 1 week na wala pa baka next pa ang connection n’yo and sabi one day lang ha! until now wala pa kung alam ko lang na ganito di nalang sana ako nag cignal wala pang sakit sa ulo…………….

  16. ok lng ang cignal sabi nla pangit dw ang cignal mga amiga amigo ok ang cignal dpende lng yon s pg install at sa installer………

  17. Cignal? You will be disappointed. Maybe by 2012 they will have their act together.

    They do not know customer service, and hide from you.

    If you have a problem, you will find no help.

    The installer only know getting your money, untrained, no tools, and ignorant.

    But what can a customer do, there is no place to give a complaint, where they listen.

    No pride

  18. Actually Ive ONLY purchased the Cignal SD TV BOX.Is it possible na madagdagan additional channels sa plan 250 at 390 ? maganda sana kung meron Discovery at ESPN chanel or from 15 to 20 and 21 to 25 chanels at least.And One concern also Why is it pagmalakas ang ulan o my kulog Blackout ang Cignal ? saka yung Cignal HD modem hindi ba compatible sa CRT television ? recomended lng ba yung modem for LCD TV’s,meron naman syang RCA connector jack tapos last question inadvertise sa commercial at sa TV 5 yung Cignal HD tv box model pwede magload as low sa 250 plan while applying sa actual yung SD model lng ang applicable tapos pagmagapply HD TV box starts at 590 plan.
    Hoping for your quick response.

  19. In addition also dito sa barangay namin west coast of the city 20% pa lng ng mga residents ang meron at nagpurchase ng units, marami sana gusto magsubscribe ng Cignal SD TV box kaso lng parati kinakapos ng unit sa satellite office nnyo dito sa Zamboanga. actually nag give up na sila sa local cable chanel kasi gawa nung pangit ng mga receptions. mas nagustuhan nila ang cignal kasi maganda reception ng mga programs.
    We are looking for your best services and improvement in the future. Thanks

  20. i took a lot of time to load my CIGNAL COSTUMER SUBCRIBERS, it is hard to get a request from SMART to over view the prepaid plan, you will see and wait nothing, i have a cignal menu, after pressing they asking the acct. # then press to send. wala reply, another try again, nag di maganda kaltas palage in FAVOR sa SMART. luge ang nagloload. kindly give attention this problem.

  21. I’ve got a solution to my problem before, one of the operator from smart gave me another way of loading, so follow the instruction and i did it. now i can load to my Cignal subscribers costumer any time… thank you

  22. I hope… i mean, I wish Cignal Company add more channels like my favourite: MTV, [V] and MYX Channels… That’s a little thing that you could grant my wish… MTV_[V]_MYX <3 ;-/

  23. I AM FROM VISAYAS LOCATED AT SIQUIJOR, WHERE IN I PAY POSTPAID AT DGTE CITY cignal hit cOMMUNICATION sOLUTIONS. I PAID FROM jANUARY 2011 UP TO AUGUST 2011, BUT IT WAS DISCONNECTED ON jULY 2011,. hOW IS MY PAYMET for THE MONTH OF August. I always called in their cell at Dgte, but they answered me this is the number you have to call, and when i personally went there they told me they send u email for the aforesaid problem. Until now i actually buy load prepaid but failed to connect.. My account nr is 596932. Hope ur company will give time to solve this problem in which i couldnt enjoy using cignal month of August till now.

  24. my cignaltv load was expired already I was trying to load it using my smartloader as I usually do but it,s almost 3 days of trying still cignal system not available. How can I continue Subscribing in cignal if this always happen?

  25. CIGNAL Satellite is worthless junk……incorrect billing, mistaken disconnects, no customer service, signal goes out often….poor reception
    Dont waste your money on this incompentent

  26. gd pm sir ask k po kung pwd k makuha account no ng cgnal nmin kc ung asawabk ang bumili sa baguio po kaso naaksidente cya sa cp nya kc nakasave ung account no.patay na po cya kaso hnd k po alam ung account ng cgnal kung pwd sna paki ckeck pon parab malodan po ung cgnal nmin e2 po ung cignal card reference no.000000757500,asap

  27. sobrang mahal naman ng cignalHD.. totoo po bang kapag umuulan o di kaya mahangin sa labas eh nawawala ang signal ng mga programs ng cignal tv? bakit po ganun?

  28. I hear you. I am now in a Cignal event so I brought your concerns to them. Hope Cignal services improve

  29. bakit kailangan pa i-upgrade ang cable nyo tapos nawala yong ibang channel tumawag na ako nung saturday ipa-follow-up hanggang ngayon wala pa ring ginawa puro kayo pangako hindi nyo naman tinutupad ipaputol na lang namin nagbabayad naman kami on time tapos ganun ang serbisyo nyo akala ko ba ang ganda ng serbisyo nyo yon pala hindi laging busy kapag tumawag ano ba yan,,,CIGNAL CABLE,nakakaasar na talga ayusin nyo naman ang serbisyo nyo…………….

  30. EMPLEYADO de Zamboanga de cignal palitan nyo na….puro mga BANGAK!!!!!!….. grrrrrrr……..kukuha kyo ng pera…..HD at SD lng ang hirap nyo pang e explain tpos ngtx kyo na ng load na kyo tpos wla palang SIGNAL!….. tapos gusto nyo pang kunin ung RESIBO, pra ano iwala nyo tpos pg complain namin wla ng ebidensya….hayyyyy…………sir/madam check nyo empleyado nyo, pg tpos na ung contract e disconnect na namin…. ang pangit ng serbisyo nyo……….kung hndi nyo yn ayusin mawawala kyo ng costumer nyan…..grrrrrrrrrr……………

  31. postpaid 990 yung sakin 1 month na kaming walang mga HD channels at hindi ako nakakarecieve ng bills monthly kaya hindi ko alam kong kelan yung due date, lastweek tinawagan ko yung cignal ang sabi may balance pa ako 1600 binayaran ko 6 days ago but we still don’t have the 990 channels,im start getting tired of dealing about this,i went to their office and they are worthless.all they said is to call manila phone,its cost me.

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