Google to Open an eBook Store in 2010


eBooks may be mobile, space-saving, and convenient, but I never did get the hang of reading long text on my PC or eBook reader. Real books still offer a rich, sensual experience an eBook reader can’t provide. And it’s not like eBooks are any cheaper than real books. It’s clear that not everyone else shares my preferences for books over gadgets, because Google is going to be launching an eBook store early next year. There’s no opening date yet, but Google intends to provide half a million eBook titles when the online book store gets launched. All your book purchases will be stored with your Gmail account, and users can read the eBooks using any electronic device that can access the Internet. Yup, you don’t have to buy an expensive eBook reader just to read your eBooks. You can use your iPhone, your desktop, your netbook, as long as they have Internet connection. So far, it sounds like a far better deal than what the Amazon Kindle is offering.

I’ll still be doing most of my book shopping at real bookstores, but I’ll probably be checking out the Google book store for rare titles every now and then. Reading from a monitor is a little inconvenient for me, but at least I won’t have to pay taxes at customs for my books. Take that, corrupt government officials!


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