Summer-Themed Gadgets: Keep a Surfboard and Flip-Flops in your Pocket

According to PAGASA, yesterday was the hottest day of the year and while I think that summer is seriously overrated, I do love the tropical-colored items that come out at this time of the year. Online gadget store Gizmine has two summer-themed USB drives that’s perfect for the season. The PicoDrive Beach Sandal USB is in the shape of colorful flip flops and can store 4GB worth of data. The PicoDrive Surf USB drive is in the shape of, well, a surfboard, but it does more than what a regular surfboard can do.Made by Japanese designer Greenhouse, the surfboard memory USB drive is made of durable rubber and has a password security feature to protect your data.

Both are available on Gizmine for $59.99.

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