Motion Activated Earbuds from Sony Ericsson

sony ericsson MH907 earbuds

There’s not a lot of innovation you can do with earbuds. Sure, there are manufacturers who create earbuds that feel more comfy than others or that make the bass sound deeper. These days, in-line volume control is probably the most advanced thing you’ll ever spot on a pair of earbuds. But with these new motion-activated earbuds from Sony Ericsson, the way we use our earbuds might change from now on.

The new MH907 from Sony Ericsson has a unique and convenient feature all audiophiles are sure to love: just pop in the buds into your ears, and the music will start playing automatically. If you take them out, the song will pause. If you get a call on your Sony Ericsson phone, just insert one of the earbuds to answer and remove it to hang up. These automatic features only activate upon skin contact, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally picking up calls while the earbuds are in your pocket or purse.

Predictably, the MH907 motion-activated earbuds are rather pricey at $55 a pair. And the biggest downside – you can only use them on a Sony Ericsson phone with a fast port connector. I suppose this is good news for those who use their Sony Ericsson phones as a music player, but for those like me who don’t, I hope someone makes a motion-activated pair with a 3.5mm jack.


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