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According to my repeated speed tests, PLDT myDSL has the fastest, the most consistent, and the most reliable internet connection in the house. So when we found out that PLDT will be releasing a new WiFi modem in November, we immediately decided to upgrade. This new device is basically a modem and router in one. Simply plug and play, and enjoy a fast WiFi connection up to 25 meters. High-speed plan subscribers can also connect simultaneously through WiFi, and its 4-port hub allows for more connections and accommodates future services.

The new WiFi modem will be available to myDSL subscribers for Plans 999, 1995, and 3,000 simply by adding P1,000. Subscribers of Bundled Plans 990 and 1299 can add P2,200 to avail of a WiFi modem that can accommodate up to 4 wired and multiple wireless connections. Current subscribers can also get the new WiFi modem for free if they upgrade their current myDSL plan to 1299 or higher.

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7 thoughts on “PLDT myDSL modem + wifi in One

  1. “Current subscribers can also get the new WiFi modem for free if they upgrade their current myDSL plan to 1299 or higher.” says here but it isnt i still have to pay 1000 php. for the modem btw my dsl plan is xcite999 and im a just a student there is no way im giving that kinda money! the word free is just so pointless right now . . kinda dissappointin . .

  2. i have already a smart bro and its not working anymore in our place, i cannot anymore have signal on that, what would i do? can replace it or can i upgrade it. i bought it for almost 1500 pesos last august 2010. I feel bad on that.

  3. I just got my own pldt mydsl wifi modem here in Roxas city a few days ago, but I was very disappointed with the slow speed… when using the wifi, it doesn’t work properly with skype. I coudn’t use this program when I’m in my room (which is just about 25 feet away from the landline and modem).The signal I get is not very good so now, I’ll have to buy an extension cord instead so I can just connect the modem to my laptop. The wifi feature is pretty much useless, it didn’t live up to my expectation…

  4. We just recently subscribed the new pldt wifi + modem plan but the wifi is not compatible to blackberry cellphones.. we get disappointed with it…

  5. DO NOT BUY!!!! it will only work on computer. its not compatible to phones, tabs and ipods. even if your lucky enough to access, it will be very slow..

  6. how to avail or start a wifi under pldt? i’m quite in a far province. how will do that?

    i’m actually in leyte, specifically in naval. do you have branch nearby so i can inquire about it?

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