DJ Hero Coming Out This Year!

We don’t really need another piece of hardware to attach to our consoles, but this new game from Activision looks too fun to ignore. For some time now, they’ve been hard at work on the DJ counterpart to Guitar Hero, which is not surprisingly called DJ Hero. This musical rhythm game lets gamers scratch to the beat of pop music mash-ups, just like you would strum a guitar in Guitar Hero. The platter on the controller is the DJ Hero’s counterpart to the strum toggle on a Guitar Hero guitar, and above it are three buttons for sampling. Controls also include a sound effects dial and a cross fader, which pretty much acts like the whammy bar in Guitar Hero. To play, all you have to do is hold down a sample button and scratch, or just scratch as icons appear around the virtual vinyl on screen. Expect DJ Hero to hit shelves summer 2009!


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