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Switched to the new Facebook Timeline

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I switched to the new Facebook timeline and am loving it.

Facebook is enabling Timeline early for open graph developers. You, too, can be an open graph developer — even if you’re just looking to dabble. Just check out this step-by-step walkthrough from Mark Monta on how to enable Facebook Timeline or Techcrunch Enable Facebook timeline

So why do I like it?

1. I can see everything all at once.

2. I can jump to a specific year to see what I posted.

3. I found my first status message which says “at home”.

4. And I found out I joined Facebook on April 30, 2007.

5. I like the cover page.

I will add more as I explore the nifty features.

Others have issues with this new feature. A friend says “If you have “sharing” issues I won’t recommend it yet although you can tweak what you want to share to the public. But then why post it on facebook if you don’t want others to see it right?”

This won’t be public until end of September, so only those Timeline enabled will see your new profile.

See the Facebook timeline preview in pictures.

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