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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge & S7 , the world’s first smartphones equipped with dual photodiode technology

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The Galaxy S7's Dual Photodiode Technology is the ideal demonstration that a picture's quality is not based on the amount of megapixel a camera has

I own a bulky and heavy Nikon D7000 but don’t get me wrong, I love it because it gives me very sharp and beautiful images. There are days I really just want to bring a lightweight camera. I’d never imagine that the mobile phone offers an alternative. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 ‘s cameras offers dual photodiode technology (2PD) which is originally used in DSLR cameras. Take note, I have not yet reviewed the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 so the following are just taken from their press release.

There are two different shooting modes in the Galaxy S7 edge and S7’s cameras, — pro and auto. You can have the camera automatically work its magic or have full control over the camera’s settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity and manual focus. The camera is also equipped with faster auto-focus so that you capture each fleeting moment. Not only can you capture your subjects without a fuss, but it also equipped with optical image stabilization to eliminate unwanted shakes. In addition to this, the intuitive front facing camera is just as impressive as the rear camera. The 5MP front camera paired with F/1.7 lens are made for even brighter and clearer selfies. Even better, it comes with a wide array of customized settings and filters such as, Beauty Face, Spotlight, Motion Panorama, and Hyperlapse.

Here are some great features:

1. Takes clear shots under challenging light conditions

Even in challenging light conditions, think concerts, clubs and parties, the Galaxy S7 edge and S7’s rear camera is capable of shooting premium, Instagram worthy images. With the Galaxy S7 edge and S7’s Dual Pixel camera equipped with dual photodiode technology, taking shots in the dark has never been clearer and brighter. This technology gives the smartphones’ camera a DSLR-like quality promising better shots.


It allows you to shoot high-grade photos in two different modes- Pro and Auto. The Pro mode allows users to shoot in RAW, a crucial feature for professional photographers which allows for stunning post-processing results. Even without editing, the Galaxy S7 edge and S7’s Pro mode also allows users to have full control over the camera’s settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity, and manual focus.

2. Faster Auto-Focus

Not all photo-worthy moments can be captured in one swift click. Sometimes, it’s so fleeting that you don’t have time to set your ISO to 800 or your shutter speed to 1/800. It’s a click or nothing. The Galaxy S7 edge and S7’s Dual Pixel camera, results in a Super Fast Auto Focus that lets you clearly capture your subjects without fuss. The camera is also equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS), which eliminates unwanted shakes.


3. Intuitive Front Facing Camera Features

Like the rear camera, the front camera also sports a F/1.7 aperture lens for brighter selfies.

It also comes with a wide array of customized settings and filters, which add a distinctly artistic touch to front-facing shots. Even more, it is equipped with the popular Beauty Face feature that eliminates the need for touch-ups using third-party software. In the Galaxy S7 edge and S7, the Beauty Face feature adds another effect to its selection – the Spotlight. This lets you capture selfies with the effect of natural light to highlight your face and features.


It also has the Motion Panorama and Hyperlapse features. With Motion Panorama, not only can you take panoramic shots but you can also preserve the movement to make the shots seem alive. And with Hyperlapse, taking time-lapse videos has never been more fun or easier! The Hyperlapse will surely give you clearer and more stabilized videos than any other smartphone camera. It also compresses the file into a much smaller size without compromising the quality, making it easier to share.

DSLR users like myself will surely love the convenience of the smartphone camera and the capabilities of a DSLR camera with this Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge and S7 .

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