The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime available for pre-order


Most of us want a smartphone with a premium design and powerful features yet still priced within easy reach. Well, good news. Samsung launches the Galaxy J7 Prime, designed with features that combine all that jazz and more.

So what does the Galaxy J7 Prime feature?

  1. a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera both with F1.9 lenses that take clear photos even in low light
  2. Powerful Octa-core processor built in, its processing speed means faster boot-up time that allows you to go from one app to another quickly.


3. Its 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM , along with a large 256 MB expandable memory commonly found in premium smartphones. This means you can store more of your photos and videos without having to delete .

4. The Galaxy J7 prime 3300 mAh battery gives you enough battery knife.

5. The curved metal unibody feels so premium.


The Galaxy 7 is available for pre-order online starting October 10 until October 23, through Lazada, Abenson, and Memo Express. Imagine you get first dibs before the official Philippine launch on October 29.  You will also receive premium gifts–a pair of Level Active earphones and a premium back cover , worth a total of 4,099 pesos.  The SRP is at 13,990 pesos.  Smartphones with a close price range is the Oppo F1s (12,990) and the Huwaei P9 Lite (PhP 12,490) .

You can pre-order your unit at


Samsung new LED Monitor Series and Xpress Printers

If you ever need a new monitor, it has got to be the Samsung. When my two girls were still staying with me, I bought each of them a Samsung monitor. They have since moved to their own place and the monitor is still in their bedrooms. It is just so sturdy. I will probably sell it so I can settle for the latest LED monitor. With the latest range of monitors and printers from Samsung, there is a choice for everyone from designers, coders, gamers and myself included.

art samsung

During the recent launch of its latest monitors and printers held at Art Galileia in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Samsung showcased how each of their new monitors can be applicable to one’s needs.

samsung monitors 1

The sleek LED Monitor Series 5 has a wide 23.6inch screen which houses the unique Magic Upscale that enhances image quality even with low-resolution content. It also prevents image degradation or pixilation when enlarging videos or images. With a full HD display, it’s ideal for those web designers, or those in advertising agencies.

samsung monitors

The LED Monitor Series 8 “provides optimum performance for photographers, creative directors and graphic designs who need to see their subjects in full detail. It has a WQHD display, which gives 4x better image output than HD monitors. The screen can be also tilted to just about any angle for added convenience. It also allows multi-screen display to give users a better look at what they are working on, with a wide viewing angle of 178degrees.”

This is also ideal for coders who need to see the text of their coding in one sweep. With a few keystrokes, the text can be viewed either vertically or horizontally. Neat huh?

samsung mointor text

Now, the LED Monitor Series 3 will be every gamer’s best friend.

It features 2MS response time, which means the monitor can quickly display moving objects and refresh graphics without distorting the images. This results to a better and more exciting gaming experience. It also has a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) that allows users to connect mobile phones, tablets and other devices directly to the monitor. Lastly, Picture in Picture Plus maximizes this monitors 23.6inch screen – as you enjoy watching your favorite television shows (with built-in TV tuner), while working on your presentations.

samsung monitors 5

You can plug in your mobile phone easily to view one’s game on the monitor.

samsung monitors 1

Then there is the Samsung Xpress and the Samsung Pro Xpress printers which are now capable of printing up to 30 pages per minute with an estimated cost of only .58c per page. Now that is affordable.

There is now an overall improved quality and vibrant colors because of Samsung’s unique ReCP or Rendering Engine for Clean Page. What it does is to automatically sharpen the focus of both graphics and text, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps.

The best part is this printer allows the convenience of wireless printing via mobile phone, and cut down on paper usage with its auto duplex feature for double-sided printing.


With this wide array of Samsung’s new LED monitors and printers, gamers, business start-up and professionals can surely find something right for their needs.

New Samsung HD Monitors Have 3D and Multi-Function Features

One thing I hate about desktops are the so many wires tangled all over the table. I was able to managed the mess by having a custom-made table just for my desktop. What I didn’t realize is monitors can help make your desk look more organized.

The Central Station Monitor LCA23A750 provides solution to centralize work and still get organized. One can even change the angle of the monitor. Like a docking station, the monitor serves as hubs that easily connect a user’s laptop to a range of other devices without the hassle of plugging and unplugging multiple cables every time. The CA 7 Series has an auto wireless detection option, which can free users from the restriction of wires by automatically finding and connecting with a user’s laptop within 1.5 meters.

Samsung HD monitors just got so much better by adding more features. They are such a good investment. We’ve owned two Samsung monitors since 2009 and until now, the picture quality and color vibrancy is just as good as the ones we see in brand-new monitors at stores. But for the first time, I felt the urge to replace them with something better. Today I got to try out two amazing new monitors from Samsung – the Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 and the Samsung SyncMaster SA950 – and the features they give are unparalleled to any I’ve seen in the market today.

The Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 is a multitasking marvel that could make my work so much easier. It’s a full HD (1920 x 1080) monitor that also has an internal HDTV receiver – meaning, I can watch TV shows while on the computer!

The HDTV receiver has digital TV functions you would see in any other HDTV, like auto-channel searches and TV show guides. Having a TV on a computer monitor would probably be a distraction for most people, but when your work involves the news and social media, having an monitor like this one makes it easier to live-Tweet important events or write commentaries as new developments emerge. This product really is an amazing innovation.

Besides the seamless integration of television viewing and personal computing, Samsung also promises to give you an HD monitor free of bright spots, which is included in the product’s 3-year warranty. The monitor’s viewing experience is also fully customizable, thanks to the SyncMaster’s “Magic” functions:

  • Magic Angle lets you enjoy a pre-set display angle that has the best contrast and glow, perfect for people who need to use two monitors at the same time.
  • Magic Color automatically analyzes incoming RGB light signals, giving you the most vivid, distinctive colors based on what’s being displayed at the moment.
  • Magic Bright lets you enjoy the screen brightness best suited for your current activities (ie. Internet browsing, gaming, movie viewing).
  • I never thought I’d see a day when computer monitors could support 3D, but it looks like that day has finally come! The second product Samsung unveiled is their new 3D LED monitor, the Samsung SyncMaster SA950. It’s equipped with a 3D HyperReal Engine which gives it a fast reaction time and delivers crisp 3D images without making your head spin.

    It also has an Ultra Clear Panel that adds color to your 3D videos. And with a simple push of a button, you can transform your favorite 2D photos, images, or games to 3D, as well as customize your 3D viewing experience with personalized adjustments.

    If you’re worried about the impact this device will make on the environment, Samsung took great pains to make this product as eco-friendly as possible. It’s lead-, mercury-, Freon- and VOC-free, and its exterior is 100% recyclable.

    The SRP for the multi function monitor Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 is 14,990. Stocks are available now.

    The SRP of the Central Station Monitor LCA23A750 is 19,900 pesos and will be available by August.

    The SRP of the 3D LED monitor, the Samsung SyncMaster SA950 is 31,990 . Stocks are available now.

    AOC LED Monitors: 43, 51, and 53 Series

    Imagine watching your favorite movies with crystal-clear clarity, each detail as crisp and vivid as though it were real. This powerful viewing experience can only come from the state-of-the art technology produced by Art of Colors (AOC). AOC just launched three new LED monitor lines for your viewing pleasure called the – the 41, 43, and 45 Series. Each model has multiple-power saving features so you can use it all day without worrying about your electricity bill, while the LED backlight has zero toxic mercury, making it an eco-friendly choice.

    The 43-series LED monitors are ultra-slim devices that come in various sizes, from 18.5″ to 23″. These revolutionary monitors are also dubbed “Razor LEDs” because of their ultra-slim display panel at just 12.9mm. The monitors come in black-and-white or glossy black cabinets to complement your home’s interiors, and its base has illuminated soft-touch controls for easy navigation. The base can also be tilted to transform into a wall mount. A colorful viewing experience awaits everyone in the home, thanks to its ultra-high, 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

    The 51-Series is another batch of ultra-slim monitors from AOC at just 10.6mm thin. However, this one can transform from a conventional screen to a photo-frame style. The monitor is backed my a small electronic box on top of an angled strut, which allows the screen’s body to be lifted from the supporting strand. No matter which view you choose, the 51-Series will provide a superior experience with its 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

    Last but not the least is the revolutionary 53-X monitor with its brushed metallic texture and clear crystal stand. Like the other LED monitors, the 53-X can be tilted and transformed into a wall mount. It also has an In-Plane Switching panel, which provides consistent colors and images across the display, no matter how extreme your viewing angle is. It also has a high contrast ratio at 50,000,000:1 (DCR). Finally, twin HDMI ports and traditional VGA inputs allow you to use it with multiple computers and devices like external hard drives, making it the perfect display for work or home.

    In the Philippines, AOCmonitors are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. For more information aboutAOC and its products, check out their website