Apple to Start Selling 17-Inch iMacs

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Early this month, Apple came out with new 20- and 24-inch iMac all-in-one computers with INVIDIA graphics. While they’re definitely tempting to buy, the hefty price tag is usually enough to deter even the biggest Apple fans – if they care enough to be thrifty in a time of recession. Yesterday, however, a glitch on the US Apple store website revealed that they’ll be releasing 17-inch iMacs for $899. The 17-inch iMac isn’t on the site anymore, but there will definitely be one for sale as part of Apple’s program to provide more affordable computers to students. I suppose a $899 iMac is affordable for people in the US, but what with ridiculous taxes slapped on imported goods here, there’s probably not going to be much of a difference between that and the 66k 20-inch iMac.


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